All sports. All fields and courts. All competition levels.

Define your playing field with the Varsity Hype platform.

Our goal as a company and organization is to help each team level the playing field by helping them create a custom experience for their specific needs and wants.

We define our success by making sure we provide impeccable service for all teams no matter the sport or extracurricular event the team is participating in. The Varsity Hype platform helps all kinds of organizations; from youth football teams utilizing their sports video to improve performance to high school band members showcasing their talent to the world.

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Key Varsity Hype Features

Teams, Clubs, Leagues, Schools
Bring your youth, middle school, or high school organization onto our platform and manage them to your needs, we host all sizes at all levels!
No Limitations
Varsity Hype provides unlimited media storage (video, audio, and photo); unlimited team invites; unlimited roster space; and unlimited playlists, albums, and playbooks.
Game Film
Manage all aspects of your game films with our scheduling tool, clipping tools, tagging tools, and game film exchange features.
Sports Specific Features and More
Define your sport and video needs in order to access sport specific features like stats, scoring, playbook creation, and much more.
Sports Video Management
Utilize our robust video management tools to capture live footage, review game and practices, analyze performances, share and exchange footage, and much more.
Roster Management
Invite and organize unlimited team members with specific team permissions from admins down to grandma while keeping your content secure.

Our team subscription currently provides services to...

swimming & driving
Weight Lifting
track & field
cross country
fencing and many more!

View and interact with your sport videos with ease

Organize your game footage and game clips with our schedules and playlists! Upload all your game and practice footage, view and annotate, and much more from any device.

Create Unlimited Playbooks

Organize your game clips with playlists! Upload all your game footage, view and annotate, and use you footage as learning content.

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Varsity Hype provides subscriptions for individuals, teams, clubs, leagues, organizations, schools, and everything in between. Reach out to us to see how we can take the headaches away.

Some of our clients

University of St. Thomas Houston
UnCommon Basketball Camps
Woodlands Rugby Wolfpack Club
Houston Energy
Memorial 7 football
Hype Park Academy High School
River Oaks Baptist School
Liberty Christian School
Second Baptist School
Midland Christian

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