Forever Memories by Varsity Hype

Forever Memories by Varsity Hype 

From the invention of the wheel to the printing press, new technology has changed the human experience and the way we consume memories. From printed pictures to the thousands of photographs we all have on our cellphones; we want to capture the important moments so we never forget those incredible memories. The biggest issue is that many of those moments, even when captured, are lost with time. Team pictures, individual photos, pricey statues, and every photographer's version of a  playing card are all victims of an accidental trash pick up or digital deletion.

Forever memories by Varsity Hype helps all parents and athletes keep their memories intact and archived forever! We are able to do this by minting the images or video on the blockchain and delivering the created memories via an NFT or Non-fungible token. The memories are then accessible by the athlete or family in perpetuity regardless of the Varsity Hype platform or whatever corner of the world they are in! 

Check everything out on our Forever Memories by Varsity Hype landing page and reach out to us if you have any questions!

Forever Memories by Varsity Hype

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