How Varsity Hypes League and Team software tools helped Katy Youth football build a foundation for continued success

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How Varsity Hypes League and Team software tools helped Katy Youth football build a foundation for continued success


Katy Youth Football, one of the largest centralized youth football leagues in the state of Texas, partnered with Varsity Hype in order to offer a more competitive and engaging experience to its teams, coaches, athletes, and parents. Katy Youth Football was seeking to find a way to help each team across the league capture game footage without hassle, better organize and centrally manage all of their divisions and teams, make things more competitive for each of their divisions, offer tools to their coaches, ways for parents to be able to create from their content, offer athlete profiles, all while keeping the videos and content secure. 

The Varsity Hype platform accomplishes this for the league and much much more through their league infrastructure and extensive features. The Varsity Hype platform offers Katy Youth Football the following solutions: 



Varsity Hype makes it easy to organize all league activity under one central location. The league interface is fully customizable and able to onboard an unlimited number of competition levels or divisions as well as teams for the league to manage. KYF was easily able to onboard every division and team associated with their league while giving teams the ability to own their own team ecosystem from basic logos to the content they manage. 

Varsity Hype League Setup



A league is only as strong as the teams that participate in it so our league infrastructure is made up of unique team pages and ecosystems that are controlled by their participants. With Varsity Hype it's easy to add and assign team managers and coaches to their designated teams. It is also easy to invite athletes and fans to their respective team page in order to give them access to secure content and all of the Varsity Hype features. All Varsity Hype team pages have unlimited data storage as well as unlimited user invites to make sure everyone from coach to grandma can enjoy the season. 

Varsity Hype Youth Football Team Page



Game and practice footage play a big role in the development of coaches, athletes, and a winning game strategy as well as for the creation of memories for mom and dad. Varsity Hype allows any footage recorded from any device to be uploaded to the platform and enjoyed by the rest of the team in a secure manner. The system allows coaches to teach from the footage with all of our coaching tools, athletes to create highlights and improve performances, and fans to relive the biggest moments from the season. 

Varsity Hype also provides professional filming services through their preferred partner VYPE Films. VYPE Films helps teams, leagues, and schools capture their biggest moments via their professional filming team. Katy Youth Football captures all of their games from start to finish with the help of VYPE Films and all content is delivered to the Varsity Hype platform seamlessly. 

Varsity Hype Team Schedule
Varsity Hype Game Footage View



The Varsity Hype has many amazing tools that are centered around the video content our leagues, teams, schools, and individuals upload to our platform. Katy Youth Football is using our full suite of offerings for youth football programs that include the ability to: 

  • Create clips from longer videos
  • Tag plays across the platform with specific formations, players, or moments
  • Annotate footage similar to John Madden on Monday night football
  • Create playlist and highlights from game and practice footage
  • Index plays with stats, formations, and many datasets associated with football stats
  • Create playbooks and share with everyone on the team for game preparation
  • Create team albums to share photos in a secure closed system
  • Create athlete profiles for the players to show off their talent and skill to the outside world
  • Fan pages that allow mom and dad to save memories, create highlights, download content, and have all of the season's activities all in one place.
  • Exchange footage with other teams across your division, the Varsity Hype ecosystem, and anyone else that is not part of the platform. 
Varsity Hype Video Exchange

Varsity Hype Playbook Creator


Varsity Hype Highlight Creator

We are proud to be able to offer an all in one tool for leagues to run and manage their infrastructure. 

The implementation of our technology and solutions have not only taken a lot of headaches away from Katy Youth Football but have allowed us to help them create a more competitive, engaging experience for their coaches, athletes, parents, and fans! Let us help you and your league win! 

If your league or your team is looking for an all in one platform at a reasonable price let us show you everything Varsity Hype can do. Fill out our trial link below and let us help you level the playing field!

Varsity Hype Demo Request

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