The Chronicles Of Varsity Hype: We Are Varsity Hype

We Are Varsity Hype
Jorge Ortiz, CEO/Founder

Varsity Hype is a small battalion of sports fans, tech lovers, artists, music enthusiasts, builders, and designers passionate about helping students, coaches and instructors, and the organizations they are a part of to level the playing field through technology.

Welcome to the chronicles of Varsity Hype; where our team will contribute to our story as we build not only our tech but the company we all call home. Stay a while and partake in our journey. Enjoy our wins, learn from our losses, and grow with us.

Leveling the Playing Field

Our mission as a company chose us as much as we chose it. Leveling the playing field, within our walls, transcends all sports/extracurricular definitions and takes on a greater meaning. It means we want to offer a product that does not exclude any sports, performing/visual arts, extracurriculars or activities even if its fan base is not defined by a catalyzed addressable market. As a group, we are fed up with products that are only tailored to the top 5% of youth activities. Our goal is to create a platform that gives a home to not only the highest achieving football teams in the country but also provides the debate teams, the choirs, etc... with everything they need to succeed. All sports. All arts. All extracurriculars. All activities. If you participate in it, we want to be a part of it. If you can get recruited for it, we want to be a part of it. If you can coach it or teach it, we want to be a part of it.

Leveling the playing field also transcends into the economics of our business. Anything we offer should not be cost prohibitive to any group. Technology that helps improve teams and helps students achieve their goals should not cost a professional sports team’s budget. We take it personally when a program or school can not afford advantages that others can, so we have made accessibility a priority..

Finally, leveling the playing field stands for simplicity. Although technology benefits most sectors, many tech companies fail to recognize that end-users are not as specifically educated as the creators of the tech they are using, especially in the amateur sports sector. We have holistically approached the design of our platform with this in mind. We want to make sure everything that we offer is usable by our end customers and does not require a 300 page handbook to understand. Simple yet powerful is the backbone to our platform.

You define your playing field, we level it.

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