Varsity Hype expands offerings with VYPE Media partnership

Varsity Hype expands offerings with VYPE Media partnership

Varsity Hype partners with one of the leading producers and providers of youth entertainment and information to bring an extensive tray of solutions to the youth activities space.  

At Varsity Hype we understand that technology is only one piece of the puzzle when bringing solutions to the youth sports and activities space, that is why we are excited to announce our partnership with VYPE Media. 

Varsity Hype will provide its technology to all organizations VYPE Media currently services from single schools or youth teams to entire districts, while VYPE Media will bring its arsenal of services to the Varsity Hype ecosystem. The Varsity Hype platform will have phases of direct integration and development with each of the VYPE Media verticals starting with its filming and live broadcasting division. VYPE Films and VYPE Live will give the Varsity Hype platform the ability to provide clients, schools, organizations, and districts with a professional service to help them capture footage and then utilize the extensive offerings on the Varsity Hype platform to interact with the content. 

VYPE Media leading the youth entertainment sector

Varsity Hype will also have access to the VYPE Media content engine, their campus media partnerships, and custom publication content. The Varsity Hype platform will help VYPE Media present their content in new and unique ways while providing VH platform customers value add services. 

This is a perfect marriage of two rapidly growing organizations who can help transform the youth and amateur sports and activities space while driving value to all customers whether they are individual users or entire school districts. 


About VYPE Media 

VYPE Magazine

VYPE MEDIA is a portfolio of integrated companies at the nexus of high school and youth sports. Using the expertise of the VYPE portfolio, we differentiate our content, services, technology, events, and consumer products to develop the most creative, innovative, and profitable youth sports experience. VYPE MEDIA connects Brands with Youth Sports Fans.

VYPE Media produces, collects, packages, and distributes data, statistics, scores, editorials, photography, and video for amateur sports competitions on multiple media platforms that engage our fans through a unique experience.

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