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About Varsity Hype

Varsity Hype is a web and mobile solution for students, parents, coaches, instructors, and their organizations to store, manage, personalize, and share video, audio, and photo content from any sport or school activity.

Varsity Hype was founded to challenge the status quo in the student video sector. We built our products with the mindset that the perfect video, content, and analytics platform should be uncomplicated, accessible, and affordable. Varsity Hype prioritizes delivering a solution to every sport, art activity, academic activity, and extracurricular activity a student might participate in at every level without sacrificing functionality or costing a stadium full of money. Period.

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Sports and Activities

A Solution for All.


Claim your High School or Middle School and manage all your athletic and non-athletic video, audio, and photo content. 

Leagues & Clubs

Create and manage your entire league or club. Give all of your divisions and teams/groups the ability to share, review, interact, and create with their video and photo content. Offer your organization tools to manage and improve performance all from one hub.

Teams & Groups

Create and manage your athletic team or activity group and give all coaches, managers, athletes, students, and fans the ability to share, review, interact and create with their video and photo content. Offer your team tools to improve performance that are sport specific and much more!

Coaches, Teachers, & Managers

Utilize our robust tools to share, analyze, and teach from your game or activity content.

Students, Athletes, & Artists

Create your profile, create your first highlight, and showcase your skills from your activities on and off the field.

Fans & Parents

Create memories and highlights, rewatch amazing moments, and interact with all the content you are interested in from your student/athlete's school, league, club, group, and team activities.

Other Services

Other things we help our amazing partners with!

Camera Installation

Varsity Hype provides a variety of permanent camera options to take away the headaches of capturing game-time footage.

Live Streaming & Broadcasting

Varsity Hype can help your program create, produce, and distribute hours of video and audio programming that covers your sports or activities.

Videography & Photography

Varsity Hype provides professional personnel to take care of your filming and photography needs both on and off the field.

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